Asterisk connecting to Cisco IPCC

Hello All!

I’ve VERY new and a virgin to configuring an Asterisk PBX system, but our company has annointed me the key person on a project. We have here Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6 and Cisco IP Contact Center 7. Our version of IPCC 7 does not allow for database dips which we would like to do giving customers the option of hearing their account balances from the IVR. I was told that this was possible with Asterisk but i have NO idea where to even begin with this. I would appreciate any help that you guys can offer me. Thanks.

Database extensions are fully supported in Asterisk. This is a very common application.

You have two options:

1 - Hire someone to do the programming (posting a bounty you will be surprised how many candidates you receive online. Remember to screen them carefully!)

2 - Learn how to do it yourself. If you are reasonably handy with Linux and familiar with programming it is not a difficult project. Pick up or download a copy of “Asterisk, The Future of Telephony”.