Asterisk cmd vs freepbx


Sorry for the stupid question but i want to knows what the forum says about that:

At this time… 2015 / 2016 , when we are planning to make a new install of PBX for a small or big company. which is the better choice:

1 - install Asterisk distro without a GUI interface to save resources of the server.


2 - Install Freepbx with AsteriskNow or Asterisk + Freepbx to permit an easy control of the system.

Thank you

The overhead of FreePBX/apache is close to zero normally, if you keep away from the java stuff.

Yeah if you are not using any operator panels and are just using FreePBX there will be no real overhead in daily use.

FreePBX reduces the amount of programming you have to do significantly. Basic tasks, like creating an extension, are a bajillion times easier with FreePBX. You can also give people GUI access to add/remove/edit extensions (IE the office manager) without having to give them Linux shell access.

For a small business, there is literally no better option than FreePBX. I would use the FreePBX distro, not AsteriskNow…much easier in the long run.

I’ve read in the asterisk’s manual that the setup of guy interface, have a bad impact on the quality of calls…
( but It’s true that this book is out of date…) for this reason i’ve opened a question.