Asterisk Chan_Unistim


I’m on FreePBX version 13 and Asterisk version 13.14. I was on Elastix 2.5 but recently decided to move to FreePBX. On Elastix my Asterisk system had chan_unistim preinstalled and I was able to use some of my old Nortel IP phones. Is there anyway to get chan_unistim (the one that is usually included with asterisk) loaded on my FreePBX system?


Installing the channel driver isn’t too bad, but you won’t be able to manage it through FreePBX (if there’s anything to manage).

It’s going to require you to load the libraries and headers for the version of Asterisk we’re using and you’re going to need to compile and install it yourself.

I’ve had no luck making it work with the FreePBX distro. I just kept a Elastix 2.5 install dedicated to handle legacy UNISTIM 2002’s trunked to our main system.