Asterisk Call back and Call out issues

I’m sorry I know its two problems in one post, but I do not know where the problem originates.

When I call out, it rings and rings and never appears to be answered, but he party on the other side answers, they just hear a blank line.

If I get a call in, it will work for roughly 20 seconds and then cut off the phone goes to a busy signal and the caller on the other end gets just dead air, no indication of what happened.

Some details:
I am using nerdvittles GV solution, but I tried it before I installed it all, with just a sip phone from sipgate and it did the same thing. I also reinstalled 3 times all with the same results.

I am using the linksys pap2 device to plug into house wiring. I haven’t tried without it, but if that will give valuable information I will do it. I am not sure where the issue is, or what logs I should be providing, I’m sorry, let me know and I will. I am very new to this, but I generally catch on quick.

Thanks for any help.

Check your firewall. Make sure that UDP 5060 and UDP 10000 - 20000 is open to your PBX. If calls are cut of after 20 seconds you have set the wrong externip= in your setup.

I had 5060 open, but I opened 10000-20000 as you suggested. I cannot remember when I put in the external ip address, but I do remember having to go to “” to check it, so i’m pretty sure I got it right.

I tried to call again, same symptoms, calling in lasts 20 seconds or so then dies on phone end and gives busy signal on asterisks, and on dial out it keeps on ringing on asterisks end and on the phone after its picked up gives a constant ring.

(trying to describe in different words)

Thanks for the help so far though.

To revise, I found the external ip in one of the configs and it was in fact wrong.

Fixed that, and incoming calls work fine now, (well tested for 5 minutes). Calling out still does the ringing thing forever and ever.

Thank you for that excellent help! Any ideas on calling out.

(I’m sorry I’m slow, remember this is my first time.)


Okay I have another revision. When I call out, and get that ringing and ringing on whatever phone i’m calling, it will go to vm…er…

for example, I call my cell:
Asterisks end:
1.ring ring…beep…
2.ring ring
3.ring ring
4.ring ring
5.ring ring
6.ring ring
7.ring ring busy signal (like phone off the hook)

Other phones end:

  1. nothing happens.
  2. starts ringing.
  3. pick up.
  4. ring ring now on this end.
  5. ring ring
  6. the person at extention 701 is unavailable
  7. hang up.

I’m getting creative now discribing this problem. LOL