Asterisk Business Edition on FreePBX 2.4

Does anyone have any experiences or even know if it can work to use FreePBX 2.4 with ABE?

I have, our company bought the ABE and installed it together with their distro rpath linux. After a lot of struggle we decided to scrap the ABE for two reasons:

  1. You need apache, mysql and php for FreePBX and that was not included in the distro. And to get that up and running on rpath was not easy.
  2. We wanted a second machine as a fall over and that does not work with Digiums licensing. The license file is tied into the MAC address of the network card and ABE would not start on the second machine due to the license file.
    We ended up installing Trixbox and then removed the Trixbox part and finally upgraded FreePBX to a later version. It have worked for almost two years now.
    I have now tested the PBX in a Flash and I will switch to that in a month or two.

I am evaluating using FreePBX with ABE. From right out of the gate while attempting to install, I get the following message:

Checking for Asterisk version…[FATAL] Could not determine asterisk version (got: “Asterisk C.2.0.6” please report this)

This is the one thing I felt would be a stumbling block for FreePBX with ABE. I’m not sure how big or how small of a change it is to add the various ABE version id’s to the FreePBX code. I may try to hack through it just to see if I can make it work, and will report back if I do.

My system configuration that I’m playing with is CentOS 5.2, with ABE C.2.0.6 i386 RPM install method.

We would be happy to support Asterisk Business Edition. Question, is C.2.X the 1.2 based branch or have they gone to 1.4? The easiest way to handle it would be to detect the version and convert it by ‘fooling’ it and changing it for internal use to the open source equivalent (so to speak).

So if C.2.0.6 is a 1.2 base version, then we would change it after detecting it to 1.2.1000.2.0.6 (for example). That would allow all the parts of the code that make dialplan compensations for syntax differences between 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6 to adjust accordingly so that we don’t have to pour through the code addressing this.

This will handle the places that have statements like:

<?php if (version_compare($astver,'1.4','ge') { //do something different } else { //do something else } [/php]

I have given up on this. There is a new per seat license model and there ISO runs on rpath. It just looked to be more problems than it would be worth.

As I have an BE license I did go to the download site to see what versions are available.
I have yet to figure out the version of asterisk for their current releases:
B.2.5.5 - Asterisk Business Edition B.2.5.5
C.1.10.3 - Asterisk Business Edition C.1.10.3
C.2.0.6 - Asterisk Business Edition C.2.0.6

And for their supported releases:
B.1.3.3 - Asterisk Business EditionB.1.3.3
B.2.2.1 - Asterisk Business Edition B.2.2.1
B.2.3.1 - Asterisk Business Edition B.2.3.1
B.2.3.2 - Asterisk Business Edition B.2.3.2
B.2.3.4 - Asterisk Business Edition B.2.3.4
B.2.3.6 - Asterisk Business Edition B.2.3.6
B.2.4 - Asterisk Business Edition B.2.4 for RHEL4, FC3, and FC4
B.2.5.1 - Asterisk Business Edition B.2.5.1
B.2.5.2 - Asterisk Business Edition B.2.5.2


C.1.10.1 - Asterisk Business Edition C.1.10.1
C.1.4 - Asterisk Business Edition C.1.4 for RHEL4, RHEL5, FC6, and FC7
C.1.6.2 - Asterisk Business Edition C.1.6.2
C.1.8.1 - Asterisk Business Edition C.1.8.1
C.1.9 - Asterisk Business Edition C.1.9

After downloading the C version of BE and reading the RELEASE-NOTES it says:
Version C is based on Asterisk 1.4

And the B version is based on asterisk 1.2.x


I want to know what is the current release of Asterisk Server and whether Asterisk server supports the SUBSCRIBE NOTIFY for MWI or uses unsolicited notifies.

As per my information Avaya Business Edition B.1-3 uses unsolicited notifies to support MWI.

Please help me in his regard.

Thanks in Advance.


Please do not hijack a thread about one thing with something totally different. IT is the fastest way to NOT get a answer as the people who might know will not be looking under this subject. Please repost this as a new form question if you really want a answer where people in the know can see it.

And on the off chance you are referring to Asterisk Server as the Asterisk Business Server the proper place for support like questions on that product are in the asterisk forums.