Asterisk Answers , say a few words and hang up

Hi all

I m having this problem, when I received a call and in inbound route I set destination to an extension, the extension rings and if its answered everything goes fine.

When no one answer, and the call is supposed to be answered by the recording system, the record begins saying: “The extension you called…” and then just hang up.

I dont have any idea what could be wrong, it seems to me that no sound files are found for the numbers that should be said.

There is also a problem with IVR, if I set the destination to IVR, the call is answered but there is no sound. I press any buttons on the phone and nothing happened, I just have to hang up.

If I set destination to a conference number, the call is answered and hanged up immediately.

Hope someone could tell me where should I look for an error

Thanks !!!

I have insatalled asteriskNow 1.7.1 , Asterisk version is and Freepbx

It is installed on a mac mini within parallels