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Open Source Evangelist Role (Remote) - Remote -


Ah, that job would ‘indeed’ take some big britches to fill :wink:
Personally I flunked the questionnaire :frowning:

Kind of still on vacation but back at a laptop fun fact from Josh time! I started working on defining/figuring out that role ages ago, and then kind of teamed up with @mwhite on better defining it out and he ran with it to completion. I do wish it wasn’t “Evangelist” as I hate the word but that’s what the defacto kind of title is across companies and projects.

Something I’d like to point out is this: “Sangoma’s Open Source Division

While there is the marketing aspect to this job, this role isn’t through the marketing department so don’t be afraid of that.


I thought this was mikes job.

In a way, yes, it still is!

Previously, this role was part of someone’s broader responsibilities. However, with this new hire, we are shifting focus to ensure they can dedicate their efforts to what matters most for our communities. This change aims to benefit everyone by having a dedicated person focused on the evolution, growth, and support of Asterisk and FreePBX. This is a big deal and it speaks volumes about our plans for the future.

FYI, this job is on my team. I look forward to exploring this role with any candidates from the community. Ideally, the person for this job is one of you!


Thanks for sharing this!


Maybe Televangelist because :phone: ?


GROAN :face_exhaling:

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This does seem like a big deal. I’m Glad Sangoma is investing in FreePBX, Asterisk, and its future. God knows I love FreePBX, and I am particularly happy with FreePBX 17 and its transition to Debian. The development, break and fix speed as of late has been awesome.

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