Asterisk 20 not support in Freepbx 16 using AMI image

Hi Team,

We have try to install Asterisk 20 version with Freepbx 16 on Aws AMI 2 but we getting unsupported Version Error.

Can you anyone help on this to fix the issue.


Not sure what AMI you are using but ours will support asterisk 20. AWS Marketplace: FreePBX ? for EC2, Supporting Commercial Modules

After launching it, log in by ssh and get everything current:

yum -y update
fwconsole ma upgradeall

then run asterisk-version-switch and select asterisk 20.

You can do all this from the command line before proceeding with any other setup in the GUI.

Hi Billsimon,

Thanks for the replay, We using Amazon Linux 2 image for Asterisk installation We will try below steps & let you know any issue

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