Asterisk 20.5: MWI randomly disappears and reappears on Sangoma Phones

Hi, until yesterday, the brand new phones that I am configuring with EPM (two sangoma P325’s), the MWI worked, and then on the phone displays there is a little icon that tells you how many VM’s you have and how many missed calls you have, like a general information before opening any app.

Last night all these tree things vanished, the phone doesn’t display that information anymore, I restarted the freepbx VM and reapplied the VM settings and the indicators reappeared but some minutes after they vanished again by themselves.

Any idea what can be causing his behavior? or what can I do to find the reason and fix it? Where do I look?

Thanks all!


Does somebody knows if there is a timer by default on the sangoma phones that makes the MWI and missed call notification to dissapear after some minutes? I want to understand if that is by design or if its a misconfiguration on my side.

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