Asterisk 17 available for FreePBX 15

Sangoma would like to announce that Asterisk 17 RPMs and relevant asterisk-version-switch modifications have been added to FreePBX 15. We look forward to feedback from community members starting to test and utilize it. As part of the release, Sangoma’s FreePBX QA team performed preliminary testing to verify basic functionality with the new version of Asterisk. This release also includes RPMs for relevant outside modules such as,, and


For information concerning how to change Asterisk versions in FreePBX, you can find help on the wiki at


Feel free to open an issue on for any issues or suggestions for improvement that may come up in testing.

FreePBX Asterisk 17 Update Team

Thanks goes to everybody that helped with building and testing:

  • Jared Smith
  • Kapil Gupta
  • Leonardo Lang
  • Ramarajan P

Best wishes, and happy testing to you all!

Matthew Fredrickson


Been running it for a bit after updating from the testing repos. It’s been running fine for a couple weeks now. No issues.


No issues either, although there are references to absolete functions in FreePBX code, as I stated in previous messages (CALLERPRES, for instance).

I think this was live a few days before this was posted because I saw the new asteris-version-switch come down and switched then on one system. Have had no issues.

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