Asterisk 16.5.0 + PHP7.1.32 + FreePBX 15.0.16

How to make FreePBX UCP work with PHP7? Help advice) Thank you in advance.

When you figure it out let us know. There’s no PHP 7.x support and FreePBX 15 is BETA.

this mean Freepbx is still not working under PHP7 ?

Not reliably.

If you install FreePBX 15 using the code that is currently in Edge mode, it works pretty well against PHP up through 7.3. There are two bugs related to UCP that I know of:

Installing FreePBX 15 in edge mode and working around those bugs are exercises you can try and decide whether you want to deal with. Better, wait and see what comes out with the FreePBX 15 GA release scheduled for later in the month… Who knows, maybe PHP 7.x will be officially supported.

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