Asterisk 13 - Segfault if I load wctc4xxp

I guess since the modules in the Repo are still the Beta version of 13, that this should go here?

Anyways, upgraded the box to the latest and greatest everything using the script and then using the script for asterisk-version-switch to go to Asterisk 13.

When it was finished, it started segfaulting over and over again - looked through the logs and I couldn’t see anything but on a hunch I disabled loading the Digium G.729 Encoder Card wctc4xxp and then the system came up and has been stable (at least for the last 20 minutes).

I don’t think many people have these cards, so it’s probably not a common error but in case anyone else sees it - I am going to leave it disabled until the Release version of the files are in the repo and then try and re-enable it then.


Ok - Because I was experimenting with all the various things tonight, I went ahead and compiled from the released source to see if it fixed my segfault on the Hardware Compression card - it did not.

I also noticed that in the packages from the repos, “core show applications like fax” yielded nothing, and I looked because I bought the Commercial FAX module and wanted to play with it - when I compiled from source, it DID fix this problem.

Any idea when the released version will be in the Repos?

There was a segfault in codec_dahdi in releases of 13 prior to this fix:

Any release of 13 prior to the actual 13.0.0 has that problem.

Thanks - Figured it was something like that!