Asterisk 13.16 shmz src rpm file

I need to patch the distro, and in the forum they mentioned to use the src rpm file provided, but checking the link i can only find the 13.14 src, 13.15,16,17 are not there at all … and it has been a while since they are released.

Is there any intentions to release them? As I saw lots of comments about them being requested for sometime now with no updates.

any help will be appreciated.

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Fixed. They are there now

In our new 7 distro you can do this fancy command (Not supported in 6)

[[email protected] ~]# yumdownloader --source asterisk14-14.6.0
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, versionlock
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile

[[email protected] ~]# ls *.src.rpm

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you are a star … you made my week man …