Asterisk 11


How could I test Asterisk 11 (asterisk-11.0.0-beta1) with FreePBX, the install scripts (from freepbx-2.10.0) don’t let me install.

Asterisk 11 (asterisk-11.0.0-beta1 ) is running fine in my test machine with Asterisk-GUI (asterisk-gui-2.1.0-rc1)

You would have to download it from and build from source.

General procedure, read install notes this is from my old memory.

cd /usr/src
wget http://link to package
tar -xvf package
cd package
make menuselect
make install

FreePBX is just starting to test with Asterisk 10 so don’t be surprised if much does not work with 11. Are there features in 11 you want to preview?

There is no feature that I am interest in, I already installed V.11 on a test box, and it runs perfect, I don’t know what is the big difference between FreePBX/Asterisk stable version and V.11, But I wold like to restart with V.11

A guess the other question will be, what is the biggest disadvantage of running Asterisk-GUI instead FreePBX from a admin perspective?

Asterisk GUI is a completely different animal than FreePBX. FreePBX is much more full featured. You have to determine what is appropriate for you.

As far as Asterisk releases, this is the first beta of Asterisk 11, Asterisk 10 is in the release candidate stage. Asterisk 1.8 is the stable release.

We have only started to regression test FreePBX with Asterisk 10, so 11 it is way down the road map.

Have you read the Asterisk release notes to get a flavor of what has changed?

Asterisk 11 is not that different of 10, big changes will be on 12…
Version 11 is just a LTS Release (, that is why I jump into 11, but I may create a virtual environment with version 10 to be able to test FrePBX.