Asterisk 11 DNS SRV failover


Been googling this but having no luck finding information relating to Asterisk 11.

Am wondering what are the limitations for DNS SRV lookups on a trunk may be? Specifically, was wondering if the trunk registration will failover to a second server, should the primary server in the DNS SRV go down?

All I’ve found is that this doesn’t seem to happen with Asterisk 10 and below, but not really finding anything about version 11.

Thanks in advance…

Not in Asterisk 11 either. Now in Asterisk 12 using PJSIP yes. It works great.

Thanks for the prompt reply, Andrew.

Going to look at evaluating v13, as I wanted to stick with an LTS version.

There are stipulations to these things. Namely CDRs are very different (in 12+13) and have caused many people headaches. So be cautious of that. I can go into more detail if you’d like.

I didn’t want to upgrade current PBX’s from 11 - 13, as this sounds like it will be messy.

I am hoping to find a way that I can migrate settings from AST11+FPBX2.11 over to AST13+FPBX12.

Currently we have only a single production customer, it’s a fairly simple setup so worst case I have to reconfigure from the ground up and migrate handsets. They are only concerned about CDR’s from the SIP carrier, so it’s no problem if I can’t migrate that data across.

Just did a test … Seems like the built in Backup & Restore module is migrating most of the important stuff, or at least config that we are concerned about.

I spoke too soon… The Backup & Restore actually downgraded FreePBX back to 2.11 …

I will probably just recreate the PBX and migrate the customer over… no biggie.