Asterisk 10 install


I am playing with asterisk 10 in preparation for my next generation of pbx.

I note in the install instructions for asterisk 1.8 that I should enable app_mysql, app_saycountpl, and cdr_mysql, but these modules are listed as deprecated in asterisk 10. According to asterisk documentation, that means that these modules will still work, but “there is a better way”.

My question is whether these modules are required for freepbx (ie will I be missing features if I leave them out)? Or is there, as the documentation implies, a better way to set things up?

I have been looking for some freepbx documentation that might indicate what modules freepbx absolutely must have enabled in asterisk, but I am not finding anything. Or anything regarding the relationship between asterisk modules and pbx features. Does such information exist?

thank you for any thoughts you care to share…

If you want CDR’s you need all of those

ok. Thank you…