Asterisk 1.8 ? - Will it break anything?

I am building my first FreePBX server and have almost everything working as I want. There are 2 outstanding issues, which I beleieve Asterisk 1.8 would resolve.

My two issues are problems with MOH/MP3s and the other is Call Logging, on 1.7 I beleieve installing the latest addons would resolve.

The question is, if I move to asterisk 1.8 are there any known issues which I would start to see? - I am not sure if 1.8 is still a beta release or if its official.



glad it’s working, and no problem going to the latest Asterisk (especially if you don’t have heavy production use stability issues to be concerned about).

And glad you are finding the help you need.


I really should pay more attention, I read it as ‘really’ not rarely.

I am sure that my 1.6 issues were fixable, but as I am new to the asterisk world and for some reason could not compile the addons (which would have probably solved some problems) I opted to upgrade. I had nothing to lose as the switch was being built anyway and the worst case scenario was that I would learn something new and be able to share it here.

I have to say, that not only do I love FreePBX, but the support here is brilliant too. Sure it can be frustrating when answers dont come as quick as you would like, but I think the nature of most of us is to ‘dive in’, so is it really a bad thing?


Rod said the opposite:

“Compiling from source is rarely bad advice.”

but just that they’ve got the packages also available.

However, I suspect installing from source addressed your mysql addons related issues. I will also say that both the issues you had should not have had anything to do with 1.6 vs. 1.8. You can install addons for 1.6 just as well. And for the MoH, one would have to have more information to say what your real issue was, as it does work fine on 1.6…

Compiling from source is rarely bad advice. If however, you’d like to upgrade AsteriskNOW using Digium’s prebuilt Asterisk packages for CentOS, follow the instructions posted in the AsteriskNOW forum:


My install worked perfectly, but I have to say, had I seen your link earlier it certainly seems an easier way to achieve this.

It may be good to provide a rationale for why its a bad idea to compile the source. I assume it is because the method is frought with may dangers of typo’s etc?



Since I was not using my server in a production environment yet I thought I would give this a try and report back for anyone else who was wondering.

My starting point was Asterisk NOW downloaded from Digiums website. I originally installed Asterisk 1.6 with FreePBX. This distro installs FreePBX 2.7, but I had already upgraded to 2.8 and upgraded all of the modules too.

I then downloaded Asterisk 1.8.0 following the instructions here…
(Thank you)

For good measure I also rebooted the server.

Everything came up fine with no issues and I am now working again with my original config in tact so there was no need to restore.

Before I upgraded I was having problems with Music on Hold (could not seem to upload files and the PBX did not play anything other than the default category), I was also having problems with Call Detail Recording (this was not logging calls, the cause being that the Mysql background wasnt installed). I was also having problems with trying to install asterisk-addons- (which should have solved the CDR issue).

After upgrading all of these issues have gone away.

So on my experience, so far on a non-production system, I can recommend the upgrade.

I intend on going live with this box over the weekend so will share any learnings.