Asterisk 1.6 / FreePBX and backslashes

Hi. Now I know I’ll get shot down in flames because this is probably so fundamental but I’ve looked through the 1.6 docs and the forum here but could find nothing.

Since upgrading Asterisk to 1.6 it seems backslashes are taken literally by Asterisk, an example of this is in the app-speakingclock dialplan.

exten => 123,n(hr24format),SayUnixTime(${FutureTime},kM ‘and’ S ‘seconds’)

This causes * to complain:

WARNING[8770] say.c: Unknown character in datetime format kM ‘and’ S ‘seconds’: \ at pos 3

Removing the backslashes fixes it.

I did read in the * upgrade notes that you may need to remove backslashes in the dialplan or set pbx_realtime=1.4 to avoid this. I tried that but it didn’t work.

Is 1.6 still Beta as far as FreePBX is concerned?


I don’t know the answer to the 1.6 question, as it’s contributors like you who are helping us pave the way wrt to 1.6. However, as far as FreePBX’s support status for 1.6, we do support it and if you find issues, our intention is to try and be responsive to those issues. In order to get maximum traction though, we are counting on those 1.6 testers to provide as much information and fixes to such issues as possible since most of the developers don’t have 1.6 systems to test/verify on at this time.