ASTAssistant or like product

I came across ASTAssistant from “www-astassistant-com” (site wont let me create a link) and liked the functionality of that product but it has not been developed for a number of years. Not sure I can make it work with my current Freepbx 2.8 asterisk 1.8.11 (AsteriskNOW2.0) system. does anyone know if there is another product like this or if there is a workaround for this software?

Too bad really looked like a nice end user application for the desktop

Also the new login would not let me login with my old registered account?

Thanks a bunch

Well not to answer myself but for others looking for a nice user interface / dashboard - I will be installing FOP2 www_fop2_com

I still like ASTassistant but, it looks like from the lack of releases it will not be something that is supported.


@J3P iSymphony comes pre-installed on the FreePBX Distro