Assistance with Temporary Breaking BLF on Yealink Phone

Good Day,

I am having a BLF problem with a Yealink T48G handset.

Every 20 minutes, all the BLF lights disappear and come back a few seconds later.

In syslog on the Yealink unit I get an error saying:

Aug 14 11:29:33 [00:15:65:6f:1f:90] sua [1431]: SUB <4+warnin> [000] BLF Subscribe response is NULL

This repeats 5-6 times, and then the phone returns to normal.

The Yealink unit has firmware version:

I am using FreePBX with commercial endpoint manager on Asterisk Asterisk 16.11.1

I would appreciate any assistance

I tried to post the asterisk logfile but the forum doesn’t allow me to post it because it detects links (not sure what part of it is a link).

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