Assigning an extension to a custom destination


can you please let me know how can I assign an internal extension to a custom destination?

What I am actually trying to do is to call the AlarmReceiver application from an internal extension (i.e. my alarm’s extension). So, I want to be able to e.g. dial “594” from my desk’s phone and have AlarmReceiver replying. I have followed this forum and successfully setup the AlarmReceiver application and bound it to an inbound trunk and works fine, however this way I need to “call in” to my house which is not good for testing.


Hi. I use the dial field all the time. After you create an extension if appears. Instead of dialing SIP/2000, or whatever your extension is, replace it with whatever system call dials your Alarm Receiver. Go to the Asterisk CLI or do a tail -f /var/log/asterisk/full and watch what the output is when you dial AlarmReceiver. Then put that dial command in the dial field on your extension. When you dial that extension it will dial whatever is in teh dial field. You can use this to dial a mobile phone. for instance local/[email protected] dials that number. you can call and IVR, a queue, anything as long as you put a valid dial command in the ext dial field. good luck.

Thanks for the reply. If anyone else is interested in the future, this is how I actually did it:

in extensions_custom.conf I added:
exten => 002,1,NoOp(Alarm received)
exten => 002,2,Answer
exten => 002,3,Ringing()
exten => 002,4,Wait(6)
exten => 002,5,AlarmReceiver
exten => 002,6,Hangup

and then I added a Custom Extension and in the dial field I added:
local/[email protected]

What is alarm receiver?