Assign DID numbers


Hello i’m new to the FreePBX world. I have setup two SIP servers and I made a trunk between the two servers and I can dial to extension numbers. Now I would like to setup DID numbers like +32473781627 so users can be reached thru the DIDs numbers. Any idea how I can make this happen


Yes, there are several people that know to do to that.

I’m going to start at the beginning:

  1. The DID is routed through the Public Switched Telephone Network.

You need to connect your PBX to that network. You do this through a a SIP connection to an Internet Telephone Service Provider. They are “local” to your country - a few are international, but most are not. If you have an incoming copper phone line, you can instead add a Analog Telephone Adapter and connect the PBX to that.

  1. Once the calls get delivered to your PBX, you need to route the calls.

This will need to be set up through a Trunk (which connects your PBX to your telephone provider) and an inbound route (which routes the call to a destination in your PBX).

  1. Once you have those three things set up (the connection from the outside PSTN, the trunk, and the inbound route) your calls will show up wherever you send them within your PBX.


This is the topology I have and the two sip servers are running locally on my lab