Asking for reactivation after disk size increase on production

Hello All,

I have Freepbx distro production server & licensed version.
I have some zulu commercials licenses also.
Now I have done some maintenance like shutdown the server and increase the harddisk size.
After restart the server Freepbx service is not coming UP.
When I go to System Admin module it is going to activation page.
But it was already activated before.
My all services are down & nothing is working now.
How I can fix it ASAP, any suggestion is much appreciated.
Should I do activate again using same deployment ID & if yes than how?


@mahesh2c2c Contact with Sangoma Support help. I think you had ZEND ID issue. Sangoma Support will fix your license issue.

Hello Shahin,

Unfortunately Sangoma support team not supporting Freepbx issues, I called them but they didn’t help me.
They simply said Freepbx is not our product directly, We will try to reach them if possible & till now they didn’t come back to me.

Anyhow I managed to get it up workinf but it was a bad expereince that Freepbx doesn’t have any proper support contact in case of emergency.


im sorry to hear about your experience

I’m not sure what support team you reached but it wasnt the right one …

if you have any issues contacting the correct team let me know , im at 920 886 0227 and i assure you we take calls for freepbx all day and have 24/7 contracts for those who need access beyond standard business days/hours

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Dear cdolese,

Thank you for your input.


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