Ask user to state there name

back in 2018 I setup that when a user callers my number it asked to state there name (with memory) but I do not see this in UCP any more or any place in freepbx please help Thanks.

@Charles_Darwin Thanks for the reply that’s

is what it was set to but it did nothing.

maybe you need this in your inbound route too…


this ? it did nothing.

…and this is the inbound route you are using? I never used the privacy manager. Sorry…maybe someone else can help?

Please provide a call trace via pastebin


Sorry I am a little lost this worked years ago I am not sure why I am having a problem.

Not sure either. Guessing is hard… hence I asked for a call trace.

@PitzKey maybe I will turn off the privacy.

Or… you can provide a call trace so we can see what’s wrong

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I been using freepbx for 10 years and never did a call trace I feel lost.

See the link that I posted above, it explains exactly how to grab a call trace and upload to pastebin.

If the information is not clear, please tell us what we can improve, there are enough contributors who would be more than happy to add a missing piece of information to the Wiki.

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