ARI requires username/password (maint user)


I am new to FreePBX and just implemented it recently thanks to PBXinaflash package that includes FPBX… I was wondering if it is possible to allow users access to ARI (Voicemail web interface) without requiring “maint” login?

I keep getting a pop up when users click on the ARI link, only when logged as Administrator can I see the ARI website which will then require extension and password.

I would like the page to display without any Apache (.htaccess) authentication as it currently requires maint to be logged on first, before asking for extension and password for voicemail.

is this possible? Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

This is the login prompt that appears when trying to access ARI, I want to get rid of this so users can see the page requesting their extension/password…

This is not something FreePBX Does. This would of been something you setup yourself or whatever Distro you are using such as PBXiaF does this and they provide no way to undo it without breaking things.

Hi there… I am very new to FreePBX and am having the same problem… I have had a bit of a search but do not seem to find the fix although this article (“”) seems to sugest there was a fix on the forum but it may have gone missing…

Can anyone help

What Distro are you using. I assume PBXiaF as they always require this and they have no fix. It is part of their security model they use.

Edit /etc/pbx/httpdconf/pbx.conf
Insert this in the file:

#Allow critical assets for ARI Satisfy Any Allow from all

Do service httpd restart
Access the ARI without http auth prompt.

Super sorry for the slow reply…

I am very second hand to the freepbx so not sure… in looking in the Admin panel the system vital screen shows the Distro Name as CentOS… so i am guessing i am wrong :frowning:

Thanks Giovanni… we applied your fix to our system and the annoying Admin popup has now gone…

Top job

CentOS is the OS name.