ARI Problem

Hi guys,

I’a newbe to FreePBX, but not so new to Asterisk.

I wonder if anyone had any similar experience to help me. I have this customer who had a hardware malfunction with his FreePBX recently, and he want us to put back all the functionalities that he had with his previous installation.

He insist on FreePBX, because he is used to FreePBX ARI.
Firs problem was - he didn’t have any valid backup, so we had to build it from a scratch.

Anyway, after we put everything up and running, he told us about one more function that he had, and I’m not sure how to get it back.

He was able to dial *87 in a middle of an ongoing call, and tag that recording for later hiring. I suppose that it was set through asteriskcdrdb, but I’m not sure how to set that function to his PBX back.

Every suggestion is welcome.