ARI path for Trunk Registration Status

Hello! I am looking for (hoping!) an ARI path available for getting the registration status of a trunk. Using /endpoints/{tech}/{resource} only returns if the trunk endpoint is reachable.

Does anyone know how to get the registration status of a trunk through the ARI?


The Asterisk REST interface has no such route or functionality.

Ah I was afraid of that. So whats everyone’s favorite way of monitoring trunk status externally?

New Firewall features is a discussion about the firewall module and monitoring trunks.

You can write a script that interacts with the system when it notices trunk outages through the Trunks management page.

There have been several other discussions in the past year where people have offered their monitoring scripts.

Personally, I use Nagios to monitor everything on my PBX, but it can be a blunt tool for some people.

Yea I’ve been using Nagios as well. Was just hoping for a cleaner solution. Thanks!

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