Ari Asterisk Bug (allocation failed)

When trying to make calls to the ARI channels we were getting the error “allocation failed”. When looking at the asterisk logs we would see the following error

ast_json_vpack: Error building JSON from ‘{s: s?, s: s?, s: o, s: s?, s: s?}’: Expected format ‘s’, got ‘?’.

Downgrading from asterisk 13.29.x fixed the issue and it appears to be fixed in asterisk 13.30.0.


Any idea when new asterisk binaries will be published since this seems like a pretty big bug?

I believe a subsequent package for 13.29 was done that was built so it did not exhibit the problem.

We have noticed it in 13.29.1 and 13.29.2, updating any of our systems to the current version breaks the ARI. The asterisk bug was marked fixed in 13.30.0.

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I retract my last statement, it does appear to be working on the latest version 13.29.2 with all of the freepbx modules updated.

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