Area code blocked - but not by the system

Have a PBXact with Sangoma phones installed. Recently they are trying to call a number in (515) area code Iowa and am getting a recorded voice saying it is blocked. I do have a blacklist outbound route with many of the “bad” area codes but 515 is not in that list

I don’t see any record on my SIP carrier that it is getting blocked, and Ive tried calling it from other systems using the same carrier, and the call goes through. I added 515 to my blacklist, and I get a popup on the phone saying DECLINED, so I really don’t think it’s coming from the system, but I’ve got nothing to prove it one way or the other

Is there a way in pbxact to watch progress of calls to see how far the call is getting? I remember some command on the console that showed all the sip traffic and connections but can’t find what it was. I want to say ngrep or something similar but that’s not helping

Hi !
You can use sngrep, or you can capture a pcap.

Use this command: tcpdump -s0 -iany -w/tmp/capture.pcap -C75 udp

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