Are there any known issues with this setup?

Hi All,

I have had many Asterisk distros running on a VMwas server for almost a year now and they were all running fine (apart from some minor voice quality issues) so I thought to myself, let’s get rid of VMware and start running physical, now that I know Asterisk pretty well (I thought).

So I formated my Dell 1650 server (which is publicly hosted) and built Asterisk1.4.18 on CentOS5 following the instructions on this website and things went smooth as without even a glitch. At the end of the successfull installation I went on and installed A2B1.3.2 for billing.

I was wrapped with the way things went (asfter all i practiced this exact build on my sandbox many times over), so I configured my 12 odd extensions, my SIP trunk to my faithfull provider among other Inbound rules etc…

AFter every things went according to plan, I pikced up my trusty Cisco 7940 and made my fist IP-to-IP. I was expecting the quality to be much better than my previous VMware setup (since almost every one advices against running production Asterisk in VMware environment)

And surprise…it was horrible. There is a continous metalic noise at the background that makes voice quality really bad. This is a one way thing, meaning the other IP phone at the far end (Called party) is hearing me loud and clear but not me…

So trying to troubleshoot this issue, I have looked at my setup and made sure that every thing is identical to what it was before, extensions, contexts, Codecs used, IP phone setups, SIP trunk, Provider, Internet access etc etc…

I am at a loss and very much frustrated. THERE must be something wrong in the way that I built this server.

I really appreciate any pointers or directions, where can I even start to troubleshoot??

Questions welcome


First off, disable all you can in BIOS, ie USB LPT etc, you very well may have interupt causing delays etc
turn of plug n play and make as must static or disabled, no shared IRQ etc

The differance is the hardware that the OS sees, instead of a clean very vanilla hardware inside the
VM, now your exposed to real hardware items

Hope this helps you

Would anyone happen to know why the IVR tab isn’t showing up in the new version trixbox CE current release is

Ok…that means a visit to the data centre and restarting the server. I will do that and see what happens.

The funny thing is that I had the same exact problem when I installed PIAF 1.1 under VM. The only distro that I never had any issues with is Trixbox, it always worked without any issues. But of course with all the fat and add-ons etc…its too bloated.

I started thinking about the similarities between the physical installation and PIAF1.1 (VM), both were running the same kernel “2.6.18-53.1.14.el5” and both were running FreePBX2.4, which is not supposed to cause any issues.

It will have to be something common between them that’s causing the problem. logs under /var/log/asterisk/full doesn’t show any thing obvious even though it is around 40MB.

Any other ideas?


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