Are purchased commercial modules automatically transferred on complete clean OS and FreePBX install on the same hardware?

Having issues with High Availability working properly and one recommendation was doing a fresh install on the node having issues. Will all the registrations transfer to the new install upon clicking “Update Activation” or would I need to use the “Reset Hardware Lock” via the portal? There would be absolutely no changes to the hardware and the install would be performed from the CentOS6 ISO with FreePBX distrib.

Also, before opting to do a complete fresh OS and FreePBX install would it better to try a reinstall using the two following commands first?

yum reinstall asterisk* -y
yum reinstall freepbx* -y

Thank you.

If you rebuild you should just have to enter your Deployment ID when reloading and then re-activate.

Will show you how to use existing Deployment ID:

Then go into System Admin and activate your licenses.

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Thank you for the response. Was able to rebuild and reactivate all the commercial licenses. :slight_smile:

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