Are Commerical Modules still available for other Distros (ie. PBX-in-a-Flash

Hi There.

I’m trying to find out if we can still purchase Commercial modules (and will they be supported) for other Distros such as PBX in a Flash? I saw some other forum posts that gave the impression that this would no longer be supported or allowed. Please advise as we have standard builds / images that we have customized to our liking and do not want to have to start from scratch again.

Our only requirement is that you use an EL6 based system. with FreePBX 2.11+

PIAF no longer offers “a distro” and they overlay on many different platforms so there is no way to give a blanket thumbs up.

If you are running a PIAF build on an EL6 based system and you are running an official FreePBX build 2.11+ then it should work fine.

Thanks James I appreciate the clarification.