Are CDRs created for virtual extensions


I have a virtual extension but don’t see any CDR records for incoming calls

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Are the calls being answered?


The obvious problem but if not answered, why is there no CDR?

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Because the default option for CDRs is to not log unanswered calls.

In raw asterisk terms, see

I don’t know if there is a GUI equivalent, as I’m only answering questions here that appear to relate to the underlying Asterisk system.


Where is that file?

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It will be maintained by FreePBX, so you probably can’t edit it directly, but it would normally be /etc/asterisk/cdr.conf

However, this seems to suggest that FreePBX simply creates an empty one, if it doesn’t already exist:


No such file exists. Not sure where to go from here

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Two possibilities:

  1. The files aren’t in default Asterisk configuration directory (the same as the other .conf files).

  2. It proved unnecessary to create an empty one. (Create it.)

However, both of these relate to FreePBX, rather than raw Asterisk.


I have access to asterisk from the shell This file does not exist. I grepped the string “unanswered = no” and found no file containing that string.

Any freePBX experts that have some suggestions? Can I just copy this file and call it /etc/asterisk/cdr.conf?


That file can be used to by asterisk to define text file based cdr logs, FreePBX no longer generates cdr csv files prefering odbc (Mysql) logs,

rasterisk -x 'cdr show status'

will show you the backends you are currently using
The currently distributed raw file defining cdr odbc reporting is


Call Detail Record (CDR) settings

Logging: Enabled
Mode: Simple
Log unanswered calls: No
Log congestion: No

  • Registered Backends

    Adaptive ODBC


So how do I modify it to Log unanswered calls?


create the cdr.conf file with any non default settings or use an edited template and module load then run the cdr show status again and if you enabled csv and it shows it as a registered ‘backend’ then the logs in /var/log/aserisk/cdr-csv/ will start to be populted.


Default is /var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv/


hehe, it certainly is.



Why would I want to changed to csv and not mySQL?


You are not changing from anything, you can have many backends active, I can’t say whether changing that behavior affects all the backends, that will be for you to find out. It certainly affect the Master.csv file.


The Adaptive ODBC backend says unanswered calls are not logged I was hoping there was a way to modify that through the GUI


I am surprised there is no place in advanced settings to do this.

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File a feature request: