Appointment reminder

Hi All,
I am running FreePBX 14 I received an email that the some modules updates are released I did updated all the modules, Now appointment reminder module will not call out.

Thank you for your help

If you have time to troubleshoot, you can post logs to help others help you.

If you do not have a lot of time, you could try downgrading the module, or restoring FreePBX from a backup to see if that gets you back up.

the modules i updated was not appointment reminder was lot of other ones but it look like it had something to do with appointment reminder i do have some time to troubleshoot and i dont think i do have a backup i do have a snapshoot but i will loos all call log for all day today

I got it working i reinstalle it the module and it start working thank you for your help

Great. Don’t forget to mark your post as solved, if it is.

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