Appointment Reminder - Use as Wellness Check

I work for a Meals on Wheels program that is looking to have a way to call all of our seniors on a delivery route in case of a weather related emergency. Just like school closure announcements but we need a way to get a report back that says who was called and if they need us to call them back.

Appointment Reminders - to the resuce!
This seems to work exactly the way we want it to but i am have a bit of a problem setting it up. I want it to function JUST like the Broadcasting Xact module where i can setup a list of names and then press a start button. BUT i want to be able to use the appointment reminder features to allow for the following setup:

Mr or Mrs ________ your meals cannot be delivered today due to the weather.
If you are ok then please press “1” (thanks them and hangs up)
If you are having problems or need a call back press “2” (send a report right away or i can have it connect the call to a person)

This way i can have a print out of who was called when they were called and if we needed to call them back.

Right now the problem i am having is that when i setup the Appoint Reminder system the way i want it and then schedule a test call it just sits there pending. I have changed the amount of days ranging from 3 to 0 and nothing happens.

Am i missing some crucial step in configuring the reminder system. Or is there a way to trigger it to just start calling all numbers in my list.

So i retracted my setup questions (built an entirely fresh install of FreePbx to work with).

My question now is.
Can you control the calling process ? i put in 4 numbers all with the same appointment time and it called the last one entered first and it has been 5 min and it has not made another call.