Appointment reminder requires TTS Engine?

Set up a 1 month trial for the appointment reminder commercial module. Don’t have an immediate need for it IRL but wanted to play with it and see how it works. It seems I can’t create a Reminder without selecting a TTS Engine and there’s no TTS Engine on my Distro 16 system. I’ve read a bunch of threads here about adding TTS and they’re all pretty involved.

It seems to me that if you purchase a commercial module it should work without having to… get under the hood… so to speak and make a bunch of modification via the CLI just to make it work.

It’s quite possible I’m missing something simple here but not sure what it is.

Should the Appointment Reminder application work without having to jump through hoops to install a TTS Engine?

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Since it is a commercial module, you can reach out to Sangoma directly for help/clarification.

wow… I’ve only given that advice about 10 times in the last month to other posters… SMH… so obvious. Thanks @comtech

Why do you think it is appropriate to react this way?

The module is closed source, created by the company, Sangoma, who also happens to manage the FreePBX distro. Going to the company is, I believe, legitimate advice as they own all of the pieces. Have you tried this? Your post has not indicated one way or the other. Asking a bunch of people if an application (that they don’t own) should work a certain way is not going to help fix your problem.

I hope you find a solution to your need.

you mis-understood my response…

I was trying to be self deprecating… Your response was 100% correct and I felt dumb for not realizing it myself especially since I had recommended the exact same thing to other posters recently…

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