"Apply Configuration Changes" won't go away


There is a “Apply Configuration Changes” bar on the top of the FreePBX administration page. The problem is that I do NOT want to apply configuration changes. Is there a way to get around this?

Any help you could provide would be appreciated!

There is not currently.

Do you have backups of your system so that you could restore it to previous to the point where you made changes?

I always take a backup of the system before messing around. I just thought it was interesting that I had to ‘apply’ the changes but I couldn’t cancel the changes. I’m just happy the system mostly works!

Thanks for the response…

It has been a feature request for a while, but the databases are not configured to track who made a change and where (to do it right each user would need a ID which is possible but almost nobody does it).

There are several issues around the whole idea. Like how long do you track that data as the database will grow in size then it will need grooming and compacting once in a while. Next one is let’s say you made 3 changes but you only want to undo one? Or you want to undo the first of those three but the second and third rely on the first one being present. How do you deal with it. Last ly how do you display that to the user as the databases are not organized the way the screens are, so it get’s ugly VERY quickly.