Apply Config -- why, how?

Many times when I login to FreePBX Admin I see the red color [Apply Config] & I have no clue why. I’m very careful to apply all configs when I change anything.

Is there anyway to find out what changes are pending?


It has come up multiple times before. Not implemented to date. Does anyone else log in for any type of work? You could check the Apache logs to see. Only other option I could think of (might not be the only one) is to copy the /etc/asterisk directory, apply config, compare.

Thanks @comtech the above solution sounds good. I will try this out.

I bet you have nightly or weekly module updates enabled where it automatically updates modules. Seems there is a bug that it does not run a reload after updating modules.

@tonyclewis you are bang bang bang on right. Saved me a ton of time. Thanks!!!

I do have auto-update ON. Now when I reflect back, I can co-relate the updates to Apply Config. Moving forward I need to remember to login and apply config after updates.

I think this should be added to the FAQs.

The bug should just get fixed by FreePBX Team. I am sure @lgaetz can get this into the development queue.

By all means open a ticket to report this, but personally I prefer the way things work at present. I think the ‘apply config’ step should be done manually in all cases, even if auto updates are enabled.


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