Apply Config must be pressed for changes to take effect

“As long as you don’t hit Apply Config then those changes have no impact on the current running config”

Quoting from a similar old post as I too always thought this was the case. However, today we noticed changes being fully (and also somewhat) applied to FM/FM without Apply Config being pressed.

This can be replicated with the following:

Follow Me 16.0.23
Asterisk 20.5.2

Also replicated in PBXact.

Created EXT:001 with FM/FM to 07123456789#.
Pressed Apply Config…
Rang extension internally - It rang the mobile number OK.

Changed the FM/FM number to 07987654321#, pressed Submit but did not Apply Config.
Rang the extension internally again, which rang the new number input into the FM/FM list.

Same happens when calling from outside to the inbound route.


Anything that stores data in AstDB such as Follow Me get applied right away. Apply Config rewrites new config files.

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Apply config makes changes to config files such as the dialplan. This module uses astdb for things which is updated realtime

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Indeed. So caution should always be exercised when making changes before pressing Apply Config as it can break current call flows, right?

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