Applied updates (os and modules) and now getting ivr invalid destination errors

hi, today i applied all os and modules updates. i have not applied updates in about 2 months. after the os and modules updates, i reboot the pbx and all seems to be working ok, but… i have noticed that i am getting critical errors on the dash. IVR seems to be working correctly but i get these invalid destination errors:

thanks in advance

Issue was reported last week. Don’t use edge modules.

andrew, i did not think i was using any edge modules, how can i tell?

In advanced settings you can enable/disable edge mode.

I just checked in advanced settings and I am not using edge mode there. i know there is a way to install individual modules on edge version. is there a command to list the modules and whether they are edge or stable?


Andrew, can you clairify please, I don’t think I am using edge

any help would be appreciated on this.


Rollback or ignore the warnings. Those are your two options at this time.

andrew, thanks for this update. until now, i was not sure if this issue is just cosmetic or if there is more trouble to come for me. also, i was confused by your statement about edge modules. (i am not using anything edge).

if this is cosmetic i will wait,
thanks again for the update

They’re “cosmetic” in that nothing’s broken, per se. It’s telling you that you have IVRs where you haven’t provided a destination for invalid responses, thus “Invalid Destination”. I had the same issue, as I have several IVRs where an invalid response is impossible, so I left it blank and it was never an issue. Now there’s a warning about it. :man_shrugging:

You can leave things as they are – working – and ignore the errors, or you can go to each of those four IVRs and set something – anything – in the Invalid Destination section. That will get rid of the warnings.

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As previously said “this issue was reported last week” so yes theres a warning. Hopefully soon it will get fixed.

Corey, thanks for the explanation, very helpful.

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