Apperently I have Class of Service Module install but want to try Extension Routing Module. How?

I didn’t realize that Class Of Service was installed and enabled (looks like by default?) but I would like to try Extension Routing module instead. Is there anyway that this can be done or do I need to do a re-install of the whole system?

Don’t reinstall. If both COS and Extension Routes modules are installed, then you can get all the features you want by browsing to Admin, Class of Service and make your rules there for accessing outbound routes.

I would like to try Extension Routes module to see if it works the way I want because at least there is a Trial Version. I don’t mind buying either module but its not my call with regards to this system

Module admin allows you to disable/enable whoever modules you want.

I disable COS, disable and enabled Extension Routes but it doesn’t show up in any menu