Appending to CallerId NUMBER


I need to do something that I’m not sure can be done.

Our current setup is as follows:
Call come into Q.
It rings (say 1 person)'s desk phone, and forward to his cell using voicepulse.
Right now, the called ID Number shows as the person who called the Q.
What we need is for it to show as 066-Their number.

The concept being when the cell phone rings, the guy knows it’s not a normal call, it’s coming from Q 66 and the callers actual number to decide if it’s an important call.

Anyone know how to do this?

Thanks for your input.

How to change incoming CallerID

Thank you!!!

One issue though… this now modifies the way a call rings on sip phones as well.
I need it to only change on the cell phone.

not a good idea to go straight to his cell phone, glitches, out of area, etc. will result in his voicemail answering.

Create a follow-me with confirmation (or a ringgroup) that goes to his cell phone. Make a custom message saying ‘incoming from queue’ so he knows to not take the call if he is on the beach enjoying himself. He can choose 3 to listen to the CID at that point if he wants, or just hangup.

This doesn’t quite achieve what you want, if you want more it will be somewhat custom, but it achieves the spirit of what you are trying to solve and handles an important flaw when sending straight to his cell phone.

THANK YOU very much for the well though and explained answer… truly.

However, this is actually the current setup.
The downside is 2 fold.
If I pass caller ID information, he cant tell if the call is a q call or not until he answers it.
If I don’t, he cant tell (via caller ID) who is calling and if it is a person who is willing to interrupt his current actions for.

I know.,… I want to have my cake and eat it too, but I’m hoping there is a way.

What you are missing is that if you use a Follow-Me or a Ring Group, you can both play a custom announcement when the call is answered AND require the called party to press 1 to accept the call (by checking the “Confirm Calls” box). So yes, he has to interrupt his current actions to answer the phone, but he doesn’t actually have to accept the call and talk to the caller.

That said, there probably is a way to do what you want. My approach would be to create a custom extension (which can then be used as a destination in a Follow-Me or Ring Group). The custom extension could go to something like (in the “dial” textbox) Local/[email protected] (replace 8885555555 with the actual phone number of the cell phone). Then, in /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf, you could add a [custom-outbound-callerid] context in which you’d change the callerid(num) variable the way you want, then send the call along to the outbound-allroutes context. You can get some hints on changing the Caller ID at the link I posted previously.

As to where you send the call from there, I know that if you were sending it direct from a custom extension (without changing the CallerID) you’d do something like Local/[email protected] (this is how we used to make speed dials before the Misc Applications and Misc Destinations modules were available). So where (in that document) you’d send the call on to the from-trunk context, in this case it may work to send it on to outbound-allroutes.

It might require a few minutes of playing around to see what works, but it should be doable. Even so, I’d still check the box in the Follow-Me or Ring Group that requires the recipient to press 1 to accept the call, if you don’t want the call to wind up in the cell phone’s voicemail.