Append CID when moving from IVR to Extension

Hi All,

Is it possible to append/alter the CID of the calling party when they exit an IVR to go to an extension?

Here’s our scenario:

We have 3 languages where we are. Each operator has a Digium D50 phone configured with their extension.

Incoming calls are sent to the IVR, first determining their language then what they want, after we know what they speak and what they want, we send them to an extension.

What we’re needing is a way for the extension operator to know what language the caller’s selected. For example, adding a ‘EN’ at the beginning of their CID.

Is this possible?

There are probably multiple ways to do this. You could make a queue for each language. In the queue use the CID Name Prefix field to add for example EN: and then send the call to the English speaking agent or agents. You could also do the same with a Ring Group.

Hi Alan,
That’s perfect, exactly what I was looking for. I’ve use CID Prefix in the ring-group.