API Web-app type, authentication issue


I’m trying to setting up a Web-App to handle some API Gql.
Ussing Web-App mode, I’m basing on this part of document.

Just trying this way bellow:

I just replaced the authorization server with http://my_freepbx_erver:83/admin/api/api/authorize
But unable to authenticate.

It returns

error invalid_client
message Client authentication failed

Same result with Single Page (and not secure, so it’s not a good way)

I wondered if somebody else used a web-app mode successully.

That works correctly with machine to machine, but the goal is avoid to store the client_secret on the remote server calling the FreePBX server.

If someone can help me please.
Or maybe it’s a bug.
There is no document on FreePBX help to put us on rails.

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