API to create extensions and ring groups

I am starting with FreePBX and I need to create extensions and ring groups outside of FreePBX GUI.
What are the solutions for this?

Thank you in advance

The easiest way to create extensions is through the Bulk Handler. Feed it a CSV file and away you go. I don’t remember if the Ring Group interface has a connector in there yet.

Thank you for your answer, but the end goal is to be able to add an extension and a ring call from an android application. So I need an API, I couldn’t do it with bulk handler

If you’re sure the automated interface to the bulk handler is not going to work - this is an open source project. Looking forward to seeing your patches.

Yes I would like to create my own solution. But I would like to have clues on how to do it?

The starting point I’d start with:

Start with the source code for Bulk Handler and turn it into an API.

Now that we actually have an API module, it should be pretty straightforward to connect the two to get you home.

There is an API module in FreePBX 15, and there are several GraphQL endpoints already. API development efforts should be focused there:

I studied this solution but it does not allow to create extensions and ring groups?
And the documentation concerning GraphQL syntax is very weak

There is no add_extension and add_ring_group method in php?
Then I could call this script using a web server.
I just need these 2 features

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