API functionality question, stop and start recording

We have the commercial module API and use it for getting call data records for custom reporting. That all works awesome.

I would like to know if it is possible to use the API either REST or GraphQL to trigger the one touch recording feature (In-Call Asterisk Toggle Call Recording *1) for an extension? I want to be able to pause call recording from my CRM while a sales agent is getting credit card details then resume it when they are done. If the API doesn’t do this does anyone know of a commercial product that can?

I’ve tested this with an extension using *1 and I have a pretty good handle on what settings need to be set to and how to mod the macro (it calls it’s self a macro although I thought Asterisk was doing away with those?) alert the agent as the recording stops and restarts.

The documentation I’ve been able to find on the API isn’t very good. I see there is something about recordings listed in the gql scope. I suspect that is for downloading recordings but I can’t find any documentation at all around it. If it can that would kinda be awesome to. But again documentation isn’t any help.

Asterisk 18
Freepbx 16
Bare metal server

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

Options, all Asterisk based:

ARI - Channels - Asterisk Documentation

Bridges - Asterisk Documentation

AMI - MixMonitor - Asterisk Documentation

AGI - RECORD FILE - Asterisk Documentation

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