Apache admin path incorrect redirect

During the installation, I set the path to ./install_amp --webroot /var/www/voice

After installation I use http://hostname/voice it redirects me to http://hostname/admin which returns a 404. The correct path should be http://hostname/voice/admin

So where should I configure the correct path? I guess I could just change it in apache2 config but where is the path set in freepbx?

I know it is possible to use a remote mysql database for freepbx, is it also possible to use a remote web server?


I changed FreePBX Web Address in advanced settings to http://hostname/voice
That fixed the problem.

However the User Panel navigation button on top still points to hostname/recordings which does not exist. hostname/voice/recordings does not exist either.

I tried reinstall recording module but that didn’t change anything

Well changing FreePBX Web Address in advanced settings still doesn’t fix the apache2 redirect for hostname/voice

I am really confused. I did a packet capture. When I accessed http://hostname/voice the first GET I got a 301 redirect to /voice (itself), then the second GET got a 302 to /admin.

I noticed the 302 was a php redirect by index.php so I changed the path from /admin to /voice/admin and it fixed the problem. Which config file owns this file? Or this file is only touched during instillation? What caused the first 301 redirect?

Go to /voice look inside index.php you will notice the header(). It only redirects once, to /admin.

The file is created on install and most-likely needs to be fixed. We have a bug tracker for these things.