Anyway to fight caller id spoofing?

we are running freepbx 15 on vitality dids and few of our numbers got to spammers attentions so caller id is spoofed like we are calling as results we getting baclck listed( can be removed but it will go back to black list with next spam blast) and more concerting is our reputation as people start to google whos calling and they think that we are calling and offering bogous service and its can damage reputation.

Is there any way to prevent that some how?

Who is calling who?

If it is you, then just don’t do that, if the calls are coming from someone else but you (the Vitelity call records should show the origination), then your account has been compromised. Use IP Auth and not registration if you can.

The OPs DIDs are being spoofed by bad actors thus making the calls look they are from the OP. The DIDs are being listed in SPAM/bad caller lists and it is damaging their reputation.

@alexus Not much you can really do. This should be handled better by June 1st when STIR/SHAKEN is fully implemented by carriers.

We don’t know that yet, the origination of the call will be apparent in the Vitelity CDR’s but the fact that the credentials have apparently been leaked is more of a concern, of course one is random, but as the OP said ‘a few’ is way more than a coincidence I think. If you can avoid registration based Auth, please do so and use your domain name (if possible). if not, immediately change all your sub account’s credentials and find out who’s looking over your shoulder :wink:

WTF do credentials have to do with CID spoofing?

Simply because if you have leaked your family jewels, the new proprietor has got you by the balls ( I hereby claim that mixed metaphor :slight_smile: ) , Vitelity will accept any CID for an outbound call given those creds are used. We await the CDR’s for analysis . . .

Even if they do those calls from somewhere else a ‘cluster’ of DID’s leaked from one VSP would for me at least be a cause for concern.

Shakn/Stird might perhaps fix that sometime soon, maybe, sometime in the future, for some folks, on some carriers, perhaps, if you believe in unicorns.

None of that made sense.

It happens al ot where we are at. You’ll get spammers, calling people in the area using CLID that they program to be in the area, which gets more people to answer the phone. There’s very little that you can do to combat it really.

If someone is making calls pretending to be your number (who your account is with won’t matter) there isn’t much you can do.

It’s not that their account has been hacked in this case, and their provider has no records because the calls are originated on some other system that allows caller id’s to be set arbitrarily so Vitelity won’t have any records related to those calls.

The problem for me is, if I am not making those calls and Vitelity is not reporting them then as you all say, being randomly spoofed is ‘what it is’ but if several of my numbers are so misused to the extent that I am getting a bad reputation and being blacklisted, to me that smells more than a little fishy,

However, perhaps @alexus can clarify exactly who is blacklisting his phone numbers and what list he is removing them from, because although I know of plenty of blacklists, the dismally failed gov. blacklist of phone numbers died a few years ago after FedEx and the IRS where reported by more than a few citizens.

Yes, that is the point. Scammers use other peoples DID as their CallerID so when they call and tell your Social Security is going to be suspended or there is a warrant coming for your arrest unless you pay a fine. That when you try to call them back you get someone’s mema who has no idea what you are talking about.

This is the equivalent of them showing you fake ids. So yes, it is fishy because its fraud scams. Hence STIR/SHAKEN being implemented and required by all US carriers.

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