Anyway to create a truly dynamic 'followme'?

I set the status of ‘call flow control’ on the inbound side with an MQTT message from Home-Assistant. It works really, really well. If we’re not in, calls don’t even ring inside the house, they’re just put through to voicemail.

Is there any way to do this with OUTBOUND calls? Set a route based on an MQTT message or similar? IDEALLY there would be more than two options but if two is the limit that’s a lot better than nothing!

So if I’m at home, calls to my extension 5001 ring as normal, if I’m at work, they ring me at work?


MQTT messages look just like asterisk’s database calls .

You can publish and subscribe to your broker in the dialplan with system calls.

Create a database family that matches your messages with values set to provide dialplan logic decisions on database calls matching subscriptions to the broker (analagously you can publish to the broker similarly on phone events for example have the lights flash red when your mother-in-law calls)

@lgaetz fine post

shows exactly how to stich it all together


Thanks, Dicko, you’re right that @lgaetz post looks like EXACTLY what I need to do - so now I just need to find out where I’d create a database family. But I will see if I can figure that out on my own! :wink:


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At the asterisk cli type


And press the tab key . . .

So in the end I think I was able to do this with a misc. application, 2 virtual extensions and call flow control! I also found that by setting a “busy location” rather than a follow me group I was able to totally eliminate a delay before the call got routed to either the A or the B choice. Despite setting initial ring to ‘0’ with the follow me group, it didn’t seem to honour that setting. The busy location seems to negate that.

Question now, for the slightly superfluous but fun icing on the cake - is it possible to ‘announce’ to the person using the phone where the call is being directed to? Like if it’s option A call flow control could there be an announcement “Routing call to work” and option B call flow control “Routing call to mobile” ?

Thanks - this is such fun!

You would create one announcement for each route and set the destination of the announcement to the desired route. Then use the announcement as destination in place of your current destination for each route.

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