Anyone know anything about TW cablemodems/DOCSIS 3?

Anyone know the DHCP IP address pool size a typical Time Warner cable modem might be subjected to?

If I’m on (for example), and provided they don’t reconfigure their network or change hardware, can I expect all the IP address they assign me over several months to start with 50.50.25.? Or at least 50.50..*?

I’m thinking of adding something like to my permit field for a remote extension. It won’t prevent my next door neighbor from hacking my phones, but it will block a large part of the world.

I don’t believe I can put a FQDN in the permit field, right? That would be awesome if I could (I have a dyndns domain I could stuff in there).

ANYWAY, thanks for any insight.

IP addresses are typically assigned in /18’s

What you are suggesting is a great stop gap measure. It vastly limits exposure.

On a related note, my company is located in Cleveland OH and we have a BGP peer with Time Warner. Our trunking is extremely high quality and we would be on net for you if you are East of the Mississippi.

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